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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I had a great trip. Priyasha was so sweet, so gentle, so intelligent and last but not the least, simply beautiful. I became friends with her. I am really missing her, leaving her behind with her parents and grand parents at Austin, Texas as I fly back to join my own family. My husband and two kids are waiting for me to get back to Longmont, Colorado.
I had so much fun over the weekend with my Uncle, Aunt , my cousin and his wife and of course, the baby. I feel blessed and loved. My niece, Priyasha is only 6 days old , today. She has already learnt to wet and soil the little diapers, drink milk from her mother and even burp.

When fed and happy , she can playfully throw her cute little hands and feet and track bright toys with her ity bity eyes. However, her expertise lies in stealing everyone's heart. No one can top her. It was a wonderful feeling to hold her and rock her to a peaceful slumber. I am at a loss of words to describe my feelings, everytime I held her in my arms, the tiny vulnerable thing. She has no inhibitions and needs no criteria to understand love than the existence of the feeling itself. Being able to meet with such an individual is always a precious gift.

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