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Friday, October 12, 2012


Welcome to my blog. I have put down little things that I learnt in the last few years in random posts. I felt that it would be nice to get them organized. Here is my starting point. If you are lost in navigation, please click on the Blog-index link on the right hand side under "My Favs". I am happy to get your feedback . Enjoy!
Wisdom Poems Journal
Self-development REFLECTION ON NOTHING Written Apology
Miscellaneous QUEST Stormy Evening
WHO AM I Rumi's poem: translation by Johnathan Star HAPPY NEW YEAR

Personal development :
Interesting Serious Casual
LIMITATIONS Learning and Unlearning Listening?
Being Thankful To the impatient girl What is humor ?
Beauty and the beast Friendship A conversation about problems
Letting Go Mistakes Running Mind : 7 mile experience
Introspection What does this mean to you ? Another random morning in my life
Alternative Interpretations Changing Habits Talking to myself
The order of chaos Don't be discouraged Mind Blowing?
What do I really want to be ? Putting it into words Swimming this weekend
Replay of emotions Saying goodbye is difficult This Moment
It is worth it as long as you learn from it UNSOLVABLE PROBLEM MOTHER'S DAY
There is nothing in life worth not losing RANDOM THOUGHTS Doctor's Appointment
ORIGINAL? FEAR Korean booty

Love: I have always been asking myself  "what is love ?". Is it a complex theme ?. Is it destined for only a lucky few?. As time taught me more, I could appreciate the message of an old foreign movieIs Love unconditional ? I was not afraid to lose myself in love. Without hesitation I can say "I LOVE YOU". It does not matter if I have to wait forever. Life only makes sense when I love. Here is a  ghazal  about love.

Travel Journals:
Visting the Garden Island
A few days with nature

Short Stories:
Speck of Brilliance THE EMPATHIZER Porcelain Doll The Greatest Gift
Playing it cool The Date On a wayward journey All in a hard day's work
Captain of the ship JOURNEY A young heart Storm in a teacup

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