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Saturday, November 22, 2008

A conversation about problems

Wise: "My problem is only truely mine. It is not only my responsibility to find a solution close to my heart but it also defines my success."
Confused: "But my problem is so difficult, I cannot solve it by myself. I am trying to find a wise person who will have the answers."
Wise: "Seeking help from others is a good approach. However, I will have to deal with the consequences of the solution. So, I need to understand its true meaning and be ready to own it."
Confused: "Does that mean nobody really cares about my problem ?"
Wise: "Nobody goes through the same motions to have the same passion and urgency about my problem."
Confused: "What if I fail to solve my problem?"
Wise: "I make choices. If the result of those choices are undesirable, I learn to avoid them, next time."
Confused: "Is failure better than giving up ?"
Wise: "If I do something and take responsibility for the results then I have a sense of control."
Confused: "Hmmm..why do I need to have a sense of control?"
Wise: "The sense of control reinforces the faith that my heart's desire will be fulfilled one day."
Confused: "That sounds very comforting."

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