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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mind blowing?

The mind is like the wind. It blows to any place it wishes to visit. It is not bound by time or space. Sometimes it lingers on and cherishes the moment and everything slows down. Even the water droplet hesitates a hundred times to break away from the loving embrace with the young rain-washed leaf before it begins its long journey alone towards the damp wet ground.

Sometimes the mind is no hurry to get anywhere. The time passes by carelessly and no one keeps count of it. The water buffalo is lesuirely wallowing in the muddy waters for hours. A subtle movement here an there could go either way and never make a difference. Relaxation sets in and coercion takes a long vacation. Just like a calm pond without any ripples, it reveals the rocks and dark green vegetation at the very bottom. But like the wind it never stays the same. In the next moment it can turn into a fierce hungry animal running in hot pursuit of its prey.

The intensity and force of the emotions can cloud the vision. When the mind is wild and energetic, it blows everything with it like the uncontrollable cyclone. The good and the bad are treated just the same in the face of the tremendous power to which everything must bow.

At some other times, the mind is very purposeful and discreet. It's each and every movement is measured and controlled with uncanny intuition of what's in store. It is almost as if someone is going over the pages of a read book. The savage beast is tamed. The immense power is harnessed and channelized to produce amazing results. Just like the relentless rotations of the wind mill that appear to be so smooth, graceful and effortless and yet belies the humongous energy it taps into in the process.

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