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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Another random morning in my life

Swimming lessons were cancelled on Easter morning though the Recreation Center will be open later in the day. Yesterday was pretty interesting. I tried to keep a fast on Saturday. When I was in Bombay, which was about 12 to 15 years ago, I used to keep a fast every Saturday for a whole year. I used to have fruits and not eat till dinner time. It was not easy for me. I remember writing my GRE on a Saturday and I was scared that I would get hungry or get a headache. However, it worked out okay because the exam was over by 1 pm or so. I remember another day when I had a headache from being hungry and just waiting for dinner time to arrive. Back then I was statying at a working women's hostel. There dinner was served at 7pm , which was quite early by Indian standards. But on that day, waiting for dinner time seemed like waiting for eternity.
This Saturday, I could not afford to feel that way I thought. I had to take my daughter to her dance classes in the morning, then go get a birthday gift for her friend. Then take my kids to the birthday party and get back home in time to prepare dinner. I decided on oatmeal for my breakfast. Part of the reason for doing this fast was because my son and I are reading a book on Mahatma Gandhi's life for his school project and we read about Gandhi's mother observing regular fasts, which in turn taught him the importance of keeping a vow. I related my fasting stories to my son. He was pretty impressed and said that he wanted to do something hard too. It made me feel like trying it once more. The other part of the reason was I really wanted to pray for someone close to my heart.
In reality, I could not observe it as strictly as I would have wished. At the dance class, my daughter did not finish half of her rice krispy snack. I coaxed her to have the last quarter while I broke off the other quarter and popped it in my mouth without thinking. The next moment I regretted it but decided to let it go. I came back and made lunch for the rest of the family and thought that my shoulders were just starting to hurt. It could be my imagination, my mind playing tricks on me but I thought I could not afford to be in a bad state at the birthday party with my two energetic, another word for wild, kids. I decided to drink a cup of milk. I pulled through the rest of the day and had dinner after I came back.
The rest of the evening, I was again on duty to watch over the kids by myself as Dad went to watch a basketball game. I helped them color the hard boiled eggs with food color. They looked really pretty. I dragged through the rest of the evening somehow keeping a calm head for the most part. When the kids went to bed. I hid the eggs in the family room and kitchen because it was supposed to be cold outside.
The kids had a lot of fun finding the eggs this morning. Somehow, all the hard work was worth it in the end.


Barnali said...

How sweet!

Barnali said...

I loved the essence and innocence of your writing skills.