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Saturday, January 7, 2012


An eight year old boy was reading a short piece on the former Tour de France champion, Lance Armstrong. The article covered most of the page but had half a dozen questions at the end to be classified as facts or opinions. The boy had gotten most of them right expect for a couple. For one he had written down "opinion" for a fact and vice versa for the other. How do we distinguish ? Facts involve data, description and context. Opinion is an idea, inference or judgement based on facts and subjective input of an individual or a group of individuals.
The boy is almost four and half-feet tall and has light brown skin and short black hair. He is wearing a gray and white checked shirt and long khaki trousers. He has spectables with a thin rim that fit loosely on his nose, sometimes showing part of his eyes from above the upper rim. When he smiles, he forms a little dimple on his right cheek.
The boy is pretty tall for his age. He is most likely of Asian origin. He comes from a well todo family and has a carefree attitude. He has glasses at a early age most probably from playing too many computer games. He looks quite handsome and intelligent.

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