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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

As we welcome 2012, we might remind ourselves about the Mayan calender that stops in Dec 2012. A simple approach to handle this possible outcome is to enjoy every moment as if there was not going to be a tomorrow.
What does that do to our happiness anxiety? Do I deserve to be so happy ? Yesterday, I had my friends and their family over for a New Year's Eve party. My kids were super-excited in anticipation of all the fun and started to do wild things unable to wait for the guests to arrive. My son got scolded for his out-of-control behavior and eventually felt very upset at that. I thought this was the time for me to share with him a lesson that my Dad taught me. The knowledge is simple but execution is not an obvious task, to say the least. Simple harmonic motion, in physics, is a basic model of motion to characterize different kinds of complicated motions. This periodic motion is characterized by a restoring force that is proportional to the displacement of a body(mass) from its position of equilibrium. I explained to my son that if you are making yourself uncontrollably excited, imagine yourself as moving away from your calm state of mind. The further you are away from this state of calm, the more likely are you to be forced to return back in the opposite direction crossing your state of calm to a state of sorrow and regret. If you allow only small displacements from your position of mental equilibrium, you are less likely to undergo mental states that are "poles apart".
I believe a relevant question in our mind is "how do we enjoy ?" The act of enjoyment may sometimes have very little to do with what is being done and more about a state of mind. I believe that when we are at peace with who we are, we can enjoy what we do. So, the simply stated approach of enjoying every moment, is actually a more involved task of looking inside and acknowledging what we see. What is the major challenge in the process of discovering ourselves? We want ourselves to be perfect yet we are not perfect. We have trouble accepting this reality. There may be several ways to get to the same point but the net of it is to obliterate the inconsistency. We can be perfect when we are one with the perfect Supreme Soul, THE ONE AND ONLY. A baby step towards this goal is to first look at ourselves without trying to judge. If we consciously look at ourselves, we will see our flaws also. But there is no other way to truly become aware of our beauty. The trick is HOW you look at things. Another word for that is ATTITUDE. Attitude is a way to set boundaries to mind's complicated motions, ( probably modelled by a combination of simple harmonic motions
) and keep it under control. We ideally need an attitude which keeps the mind in equilibrium or as close to it as possible. Once we steadily experience our beauty in the calm mirror of the mind, then we will recognize the similarity with the "Source of all beauty" and discover our attachment with it.
How does the Mayan prediction fit in with our theory of reincarnation and indestructible soul ?
True to our goal, if all souls enjoy being themselves which is very close to the state of nirvana, then we the souls will unite with the greater power, the Supreme Soul and that will lead to the end of our individual identities.

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Barnali said...

First of all very Happy New Year to you and your family.

Enjoyed reading it. I totally agree to what your referred to Attitude as it sets our viewpoint. Liked the interesting twist of your writing style from New Year concept to spiritual connection.

Impressive writing!!