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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Stormy Evening

In the middle of the day, I had gotten frustrated about not getting things my way. It was easy to blame it on you and feel sorry for myself. I had left you and had drove back to my house. I thought I could make it through without you. But now, I am missing you terribly and want you to come to me...
Dark puffy clouds are gathering in the sky in patches. It is almost the end of the day. A mild breeze is blowing from the west, bringing some temporary relief  following a hot afternoon. The round green leaves of the silver birch are dancing in joy. As I look at them, they seem to give me the message of your return. I feel like believing them but am afraid of getting hurt in the end. Piercing through the side of a cloudy patch, the orange shafts of the evening sun are creating a light and shadow effect on the leaves changing their movements to unsure trembling. Pretty soon, the whole northwest sky grow dark and create an erie background for the houses that seem too bright from the reflection of the weak setting sunlight. As I look on, the light grow weaker and the edges of the clouds grow ruddy. The winds gain force as the hour passes. I perceive a storm is approaching. The darkness of twilight slowly descend on the whole neighborhood. My hair blows in every direction and my heart feels lonely and scared.  The wind chime creates a loud yet harmonic music like a church bell. Most of the people decide to return to the shelter of their homes. A sharp blaze of lightening is followed by the booming sound of thunder. Hopelessness suddenly gets a grip of me. All that wait is useless, after all, as you will not come in the stormy evening. The gusty wind blow around dust, leaves, tiny branches and pieces of paper. Some of the dust gets into my eyes and is hurting. Shall I go inside ? It is warm and comfortable inside but I am waiting to get a glimpse of you.  Raindrops are falling pitter patter on the wooden deck. Tears are rolling down the corner of the eyes. The tether , the bond of love , holds me back even as it hurts. It has started to rain harder and I can hardly see anything beyond couple feet. In the midst of the all the despair, my heart is filled with feelings for you, my dearest. I am slowly understanding the meaning of this amazing life. It is truly a gift to be able to experience and appreciate every moment. Doubts are mere short-lived storms in the face of the unwavering faith. Hurdles are out there to surmount. I can go through anything as long as I feel your love in my heart. I will not let even a drop of negativity curdle its purity. I am nothing without your blessing and grace. Everything is rendered meaningful through the bond between you and me. You are not before my eyes but I feel you in every breath.

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MalloryInCO said...

You are a beautiful writer and I can relate to this blog!