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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Don't be discouraged

When it comes to the moment of truth, I often forget all the lessons I carefully learn over the years. I was just about to embark on a negative tour, today, almost starting to feel sorry for myself, giving up and getting furious over other people actions, when I screeched to a halt. "STOP!!", I told myself. I did not want to be negative. However, I realized that on my own I was not being positive. I quickly tried to seek for some positive energy. I pinged a few people who I knew was aware of the context and could steer me in the right direction. Some of them were too busy to even reply back. Some replied promptly that they were busy. I did not let that deter me because I was sure that I was on the right track. Finally, a name popped in my head and I walked over to meet with him. Fortunately he had time to listen to me. I presented the problem clearly to him. "It's been over 2 weeks that I have presented my ideas and the response is so lethargic. They agree in principle but I don't see them taking the leap to get to the next level. Minor adjustments to the present situation will not get us to where we want to be. I am getting to the point where I can give up. But I don't want to. What should I do ? "
He looked at me with sympathy and smiled. "This sort of thing happens. As part of growing up you will learn that you may often have to give in a little here and there. The course to your destination may be a bit round about. However, do not loose sight of your destination. Take up this as a challenge and view the hurdles objectively. Take the time to bring the other people to the same page. Sometimes, it may be better to act stupid even when the answer is clear to you. Take the time to go with other peoples point of view , suggest improvements to it and slowly bring out the problems with their solution. This way you can steer them to see the benefit of your ideas, clearly". I heartily thanked him and walked back with a smile.


Nicholas said...

Excellent post! There is so much good advice in there. I especially like how you took the initiative to seek out positive energy from others. That is a perfect case in point that we are more in control of our own happiness than we sometimes want to believe.

Rachana said...

Some good takeaways for everyone, including myself. Great post!!