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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Letting Go

Cherish the beauty of this fleeting moment with all your heart. It is like a fair maiden, smiling back at you and running away. Don't waste your time to run after her. If your eyes are observant, your nose and ears keen and your mind is alert, you will have just enough time to savor her exhilarating radiance. Running after her will only scare her away and what you will hold in your grasp will be a poor tortured soul, devoid of life and beauty. In your foolish zeal to own the treasure, you will have put it in a heavy metal safe where not even light can reach it. You will have turned the treasure into a worthless piece of stone that cannot shine anymore. Let it go. Let the brilliance shine through. The only place to treasure such heavenly beauty is in your heart. Let your whole being get overwhelmed in the experience.
Even tough, this moment is full of happiness, it will not stay this way with you. No matter how hard you try to close your fist, the dry grains of sand find a way out. They are forever free. You can pass your fingers through them and write the name of your beloved. You can put in hours of diligence and imagination to build the castle of your dreams. But can you hold the sea? Can you prevent the powerful, untiring waves from lashing and thrashing over the shores and leveling everything to the ground. You have to surrender yourself before the omnipotent. The ego that has achieved tremendous feats has to be humbled. There is also an amazing relief in being able to start from scratch. The same sky that is a riot of colors at sundown, gradually looses all the colors and soon after turns into the pitch dark abode of the countless glittering stars. However, the glory of the stars is not permanent. At the advent of the new day, the sky, again, adorns all the colors to welcome the majestic sun, the remover of all darkness.
Change is beautiful, change is permanent, enjoy it.

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Rachana said...

Very well articulated! Change is only constant. Very true indeed, but even so we keep getting worried/frustrated over what we are leaving behind and become fearful of the changes ahead of us. From my experiences so far, I believe every change happens for a reason. There was this one time when I was devastated when a succession of changes took place, all undesired. Now when I look back, I can connect the dots! It was really for a good reason that they took place - and I think I have become the person I am today (I know for the better!) because of those changes. I just wish I had kept a more upbeat attitude then - well, not that I gave up or stopped trying, but I could have been more cheerful. Because whatever has to happen will happen - nothing will change that. So you might as well keep laughing and taking it in good spirits and as a challenge. Sulking never helps - at least not to those around you. Keep posting!!