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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Korean booty

My husband came back from his official tour to Korea. He was gone for a week with the two young kids in my care. We were waiting since he called from the airport that he was on his way home. My husband has a typical way of showing his love for his family. He bribes us with gifts to recover lost time. So it was no surprise that as soon as he came in he dragged his suitcase to the family room and started to open it up. Out came some kid sized oriental silk suits one blue and gold and other one pink and black. He handed my son, a couple of small dolls nicely packed in glass bottles. The silk suits were so bright and gorgeous that they looked like traditional Indian dresses worn by girls of all ages. I presumed that both the sets were for my daughter. I thought that he is just overdoing it as usual. But what did he bring for my son ? A dad must be fair in his show of love towards his kids. So I asked "and what did you bring for Raj?" "The blue one" was his prompt reply. I took a second to digest that. "But such a rich decorative suit for Raj ?" He then explained to us that 'blue and gold' are colors for the prince ' and 'pink and black, are the colors for the princess. When they tried them on they surely looked regal. "What did you get for me ?" "Nothing.." he joked. "No wait I got a wooden mask for you," he laughed as he found it extremely funny imagining the wooden mask on my face. I on the other hand felt a little angry. "Wooden mask? What was that for? Anyway, I don't care for gifts. I would rather see some genuine love or concern from him which I don't think he is capable of." I wore that nice green and white dress to get his attention but nothing seems to work. I gave up and went upstairs. "Come downstairs, stupid", he hollered after me. "Look at what I got you." He had got me some jade ornaments that surprisingly matched my dress. "Wow", I could not help feel a little happy. As soon as I took them out of the box, my daughter wanted the bracelet. She always thinks herself as the queen who has claims to all the belongings of her subjects, especially her mom's. She fitted her role perfectly now, wearing the beautiful pink silk dress with dark pink cherry blossoms and a beautiful black border. I ran to grab the camera to capture the moment.
I decided to try out my loots too. The green color of the jade matched the dress I was wearing and my husband agreed that we should take a picture together. My son was assigned the photographer's job. His first try ended up in a picture where my husband face was not visible. The latter looked at the camera display screen and said "Raj, you cut off my head. Try another one." My son looked a little surprised. He asked his dad slowly, "Daddy, are you really alive or are you dead, now that I have cut off your head? " We all had a good laugh at that.


illusivenick said...

You have such cute kids!! I like how you wrote this post in a very casual, down to earth tone. It was like you were just chatting with a best friend about life.

Fergy said...

This was cute...I actually saw your attempt at humor..you are not as bad as you think ;) I agree with the other comment, that you wrote as though you were talking to a friend, which in this case helped paint a pretty good picture of the event at hand.

Rachana said...

hey cute pics! Wow I think this is a really good way of sharing your stories.

Sanjukta said...

So simple and so very honest depiction of a really lovable family affair...i felt i was re-reading the story of 'Little Women',my favourite book where little things meant so much...glad to be a part of bhaumik family...stay happy and smiling