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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Doctor's appointment

Today my son had an early morning doctor's appointment. Earlier, I had mentioned to my manager about coming in late on that day. He was very cooperative and asked me to send a note about it to the team the day before. Yesterday, as things would turn out, I left work, forgetting to do just that. In addition, I decided not to bring my laptop home, which I sometimes do to keep a better work life balance. I realized my mistake, after I came home. I thought of going back to work later that evening. However, by the time my husband got done with his conference calls and I could serve him dinner, it was almost time for me to put my kids to bed. I changed my mind and decided to go in the morning.
This presented a problem as I needed to go and come back and also get the kids ready by 8:15 am. The solution was simple, give myself more time. I got up around 6:00 am. I hurriedly took a bath got dressed and made it to my workplace by 7:00 am. It was a short pleasant drive from my home. I rode my black beauty to work, enjoying the great view of the Front Range mountains against the ruddy morning sky and listening to the serene melody of "prasanna vadana", a song by the musical group, Enigma. It was a beautiful song especially great to hear in the morning. In that calm frame of mind, getting in and out office and sending that email was accomplished with expected smoothness.
When I got back my kids were still asleep. The first thing I did was pick the clothes they will wear today. Then I went on to prepare breakfast for them. My son got up and came to the kitchen. I gave him a "good morning hug". He wanted to watch some TV. I saw my opportunity right there. "Sure, put your clothes on and I will turn on the TV." My son is five years old. Usually, I try to have him put his clothes on by himself. Many times he ends up whining and making me do it. Today, he did not fuss at all. Before I could wash the dishes and prepare my offering to God, he was all dressed, socks and all. The TV came on and I ran upstairs to finish my two minute ritual before God. I, then, picked up my three-year old daughter, half asleep, and helped her get done with her morning chores. Getting her dressed and finishing up with breakfast took us to 8:16 am. I got them into the car along with their backpacks. I was pretty cheerful that everything was under control.
After dropping my daughter off, at the day care, we set out for the clinic. When we reached the clinic, my son asked me, apprehensively, if he would get any shots. I, hesitantly, divulged that he would get two shots, that were necessary for him to start Kindergarten. He seemed a little upset. "Shots help you stay healthy and not get sick, " I reasoned with him. He got cheerful and added "and they make you strong." "Yes, you are absolutely, right" was my encouraging confirmation.
Thankfully, the wait was not too long. After ten minutes of waiting at the reception, the nurse called for my son. His height and weight were checked and then she took his blood pressure. He asked her "why do we take blood pressure?" Nurse explained on her gauge what were high numbers and what were normal. "It is to ensure that your heart is pumping right." She got done and asked me to help him get into the small blue gown so that the doctor could examine him. While we waited for the doctor, he picked up a Dr. Seuss's book, a beginner level reading, and started reading spontaneously. I knew he could do that but I felt really good about it too. He got bored half way and chose a book about farm animals. Soon, there was a knock on the door and the friendly face of Dr. Schaten was behind the door. She was very affectionate and asked him a lot of questions. I could have answered all of them correctly but I let my son do it anyways. He thought as he spoke so the words came out slow and some of them were repeated just to maintain the connection. The Doctor asked him how he was enjoying summer. I thought he would mention our camping trip. He did not reply immediately. He thought for a while. "I had fun with my grandparents." The doctor probed further. "Are you going out somewhere or staying home with your parents?" . He smiled and said " My mother and father went to work but my grandparents stayed home with me to protect me." He was referring to the Memorial day weekend, when my in-laws had visited us for five days. After a few general questions, Dr. Schaten seemed quite impressed by his spontaneous answers. She checked his ears, throat, chest, tummy and other essential body parts. When she was checking his heart beat, my son asked the doctor if he could listen to his heart beat, too. The doctor made him say the magic word before he was allowed to put the stethoscope over his ears and hear his own heart pump away. It was certainly a funny sound.
Then the doctor asked a serious question. "Do you know smoking is bad ?" He nodded his head. I was surprised at that as none of us smoked and he was never quite exposed to the concept of smoking. He continued in his own way. "We have a lot of smoke detectors in our house. They can stop me from getting all smoked up." The doctor and I exchanged smiles. We did not want him to get embarrassed. The doctor gave him a book of stickers and let him pick a toy for being so cooperative.
Finally, it was time for the shots. My son was very brave. He looked at the needles and asked the nurse if the "boo boo" was going to be big or small. She assured him that it would be small. He managed to remain very still on my lap as I held his arms and the other leg between my thighs. He looked at the needle coming but did not cry or fidget. The same thing was repeated on his other thigh. When it was all over, I gave him a big hug and thanked him. "You did a great job. You made your mommy proud." He smiled sweetly at me and said "Aw, mommy."

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