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Sunday, August 3, 2008


Recently, I met a women who is struggling to make her ends meet, staying with her sick boyfriend, who needs a liver transplant. She has left a 27 year long marriage merely in search of freedom. Her extremely "religious" husband never allowed her to wear clothes that were short and did not cover all of her body. Whether or not this was right or wrong is another question all together. But how does a person feel when one is forced to do things one doesn't want to ?
They feel they have no freedom. Freedom is being able to do anything you feel like, right or wrong does not matter. Freedom is like taking a ride on your friend's motorbike even when your husband does not approve of it and gives you a really hard time for it. Why do relationships kill freedom? We start thinking that we own the person we have bonded in a relation. We start imposing our ideas and try to control their actions. I have a huge problem with authority figures. I remember very well how I hated when my mother asked me to study. I was just about to do that myself, on my own, but since she spoke up I would stop myself deliberately. I was not going to get controlled by anybody, I thought. It made perfect sense to me at that time. Looking back I can't help feeling a little foolish. I was getting controlled by her remarks in a different way. May be, I should have gone ahead with my studies unperturbed by my surroundings.
In fact, true freedom has very little to do with things around you. Freedom comes from within. It is the assurance that your heart's desire can be fulfilled. It is the chance you give yourself for true learning. Freedom is a how you feel when you feel the breeze on your face and the sky above you or the calm waters all around you when you are floating. Spread your wings and fly. Everyone seeks freedom in their life to be what they want to be. Never limit yourself.


Kanak said...

Well written. Freedom alwyas comes with a price. Do relationships really kill freedom? Or is it the lack of absolute trust within a relationship that kills freedom?
The urge for freedom and to live life on their own terms is within each of us, yet some of us can't do it. Why is that? Lack of confidence, lack of a conducive environment, lack of support or just plain deep-rooted cultural shackles? Something to ponder...

Rachana said...

Lovely post! I think the only thing that stops us from being free t odo anything is "fear". Fear of failing, fear of loosing a loved one, fear of making a loved one angry, fear of loosing money, fear of possible unknown after-affects, fear of one's standing within society or social acceptance, fear of loosing security etc. Basically its all fear, period! Looking back, I have done a lot of things that have made people not so happy and I didn't care, but I have also not done a lot of things because I had symptoms of one of the fears listed above. If we can break the continuous cycle of fear dictating our life actions - great and we perhaps have become too spiritual for this world. imho.