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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saying goodbye is difficult

Last year around summer time frame I lost contact with a bunch of people I had been considering as friends. My good neighbors decided to move to another city. I had met a nice friend through my kids' swim classes. We used to get together quite often during the winter and spring time. Suddenly around summer time she chose to maintain less and less contact with me. I could never figure out why. To top it all, my friends and co-workers at my previous work place also stopped maintaining contacts after my contract ended in June that year. It almost seemed like the whole set of friends I made the year before, were destined to change. I was very upset at the suddenness and the fact that it was across the board. After losing the job and also the friends I was in a bit of a mess. I somehow blamed it on myself even though I could not figure out any better reason than the fact that I really liked them all. I still remember them and the good times I spent in their company. It was difficult for me to move on, initially. However, within a short time, I understood the futility of fighting against the inevitable. Fortunately, that very summer, I ended up making a lot of new friends, locally. I also regained contacts with tons of old friends from high school and college, through the social networking site, ORKUT. It was thrilling to catch up with these friends after almost a decade. All these friendships became very close within a very short period of time. Eventually, I felt very happy and decided that things happen for a good reason after all.
Two weeks ago, I heard that one of my good friend, who lives close by, is planning to move to a new area about half an hour's drive from our place. Her family is planning to move into the new house next summer. It is a coincidence that another dear friend of mine also might move during the same time frame. My heart is already anticipating big changes for me again, in the summer of 2009.


Rachana said...

friends come and go... distances are only in mind... internet has made it very easy. And good friends will always make time for you if it is possible after their other obligations like work/kids/family... and even if they don't.. they will always be in memories.. I have reconnected with a number of them on various social networks. I do think that in presence of our busy lifestyles, maintaining contact via email/internet is a lot easier. I know noting replaces physical meeting. Last but not the least... its becoming harder for me to keep meeting new people and maintaining friendships... the close ones especially. I think my quota is over after Berkeley...

Who am I ? said...
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