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Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Storm in a Teacup

Usually, the alarm goes off at 6:30 am. I am mostly awake before then. But I like to lie in bed for a little bit longer and cuddle up till the alarm goes off. This morning, no alarm rang at 6:30 am. So even though I was awake I did not get up till it was quarter past seven. "Oops, gotta get up and get ready". My husband got up with me and helped to get the kids dressed up. I prepared breakfast and got ready myself. To get everything done took almost an hour. I was just in time to drop off the kids. If I was ten more minutes late, my son would miss the school bus that took him from the day care to his school. My daughter started creating a huge fuss right towards the end. She did not want to wear her furry jacket but the pink light jacket. She also wanted to put on her warm cap. This was quite ridiculous as it was only 60 degress outside, way pleasant to wear warm caps. However, it is useless to reason with her and she never listens to me. Finally, I got her in the car seat. She sat there looking quite funny with the big pink warm cap on. Needless to say, I was a little irritated.
Just as I decided to back my car out of the garage, my daughter announced clearly, "Mommy, I need to go pee pee. Otherwise I am going to pee in my pants." I pictured what I would have to go through if she went right then and there. Being already hard pressed for time, I just lost my temper. In a hurry, I tried to stop the car, without changing the gear to park. I could not get the key out. I could not understand why. In my frustration, I got out of the car to take out my daughter, quickly. She should not wet her pants. As luck would have it, my driveway has a bit of a slope. The car started slowly rolling down. I was shocked. I tried with all my might to stop it. It could hit the fence any moment. The car was quite heavy and I was not exactly a body builder. So the car did not stop. I then tried to get back into the rolling car and hit the brakes with my right foot. I immediately, realized where I had gone wrong and changed the brakes to the park position. I also pulled up the emergency brake. The car stopped. I could also take out my keys. That bunch of keys had the key to my house, too.
I ran to the other side and unbuckled my daughter out of her car seat. Thankfully, she was not wet yet. I ran inside with her and opened the back door with the keys. The house alarm went off. I put her down and punched in the code to disarm it. Atlast, I took her to the bathroom, and helped her sit on the potty. I was furious. I could see my hands were trembling. I took her warm cap off and felt quite relieved. I stood there and took a deep breath. By now, I could start to see how funny all of this actually was. I laughed inside.


Jaydip said...

you should check your pants for pee marks......you were scared in a mind blowing fashion

Sanjukta said...

roshmi, this one reminded me of Jerome K Jerome...keep writing