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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Being Thankful

Sometimes we are too tied up in the survival mode. We are engrossed in figuring out the problem at hand. The whole focus shifts to empowering ourselves so that we can cross the hurdles in front of us. We critically analyse the flaws and come up with ideas to make the situation better. We often look back and take pride in those accomplishments. No doubt, this is all very good.
However, in the midst of the critical analysis, we undermine the countless good things that are already there for us. We take these perfect things for granted, as our resource and strength. We use them to allieviate ourselves from the difficulty, which has our main focus.
This is almost like driving as a first time novice driver when our main focus is on the road right in front of us. We can hardly enjoy the drive or the beauty of the fields next to the road or the mountains behind the fields or even the breathtaking sunset behind the twin peaks. When driving is a matter of habit, a piece of cake, we see a lot more than the black paved road and cars on it. Our eyes move around to observe the things around us, as they pass by. We actually do a better job at driving by being so observant.
The above analogy holds even when we are treading the path of life, which is but a long and eventful journey. Every moment is precious and lovely. We need to observe and cherish it. If we are not overwhelmed with our problems, when we accept difficult times as part of our life, we are able to identify and enjoy the countless blessings that we have already received. If we are not able to appreciate what we have, we are missing out on life and the shortcoming is entirely ours.

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