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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Have you ever held a sleeping baby on your lap and enjoyed looking at it's face for hours? Being a mother of two, I have had this privilege before. I know that it is an out of this world experience, one that brings pure joy and happiness. So when a few days back, I saw my friend holding her sleeping baby girl, I excitedly walked up to her and asked her if I could hold her precious little one. My friend, the mother of the baby, was reluctant. She was afraid that her daughter would wake up at the slightest movement. I could appreciate her concern just by being in her shoes, only a few years ago. Hence, I settled for just sitting beside her and watching the baby. The calm and happy face, flawless and beautiful as a flower, exuded a divine glow. I was just happy to be able to admire it.
My mind flew back to the days when I used to hold my own babies and rock them to sleep. Their delicate bodies close to mine, the fresh smell about them and the unadulterated peace that unfolded on their innocent visage created an atmosphere of deep contentment and joy for me. At those very moments, holding them close to my bosom, I actually felt that the hard work and frustrations of managing a newborn was all worth it at the end. Little did I know about God's design, carefully arranging this gift for every parent who chooses to hold their sleeping babies.
Along came this other gentleman, who was also visiting my friend's house, and uttered the very same words. "This is the best experience of all. Doesn't it feel great to hold a sleeping baby?" Being a scientific oriented person, he immediatelly follwed it up with an explanation. Babies in their sleep are unaffected by the six enemies of mankind. Vedic literature mentions these six enemies as Kama (lust), Krodha (anger), Lobha (greed), Moha (delusion), Mada (intoxication), Matsarya (jealousy). From the sleeping babies emanate the purest and most divine form of positive energy. They share that energy, most generously, with everyone close to them. Of course, the person, holding them, gets most benefits because of the mere contact. He rambled on about prophets and miraculous powers of a pure mind but I got interested in knowing about the enemies that reside in our very own minds.
Time and again, when I could muster enough courage to face the truth, I had realized that bad and wrong only reside in our judgement and our view point. Kama , represents desire and expectations at a material level. Krodha represents the yearning to harm anybody else. Lobha represents attachment to material things by owning them and not sharing them. Moha represents the delusional state of mind , unfit to perceive the truth mainly because of ignorance. Mada represents egotism and conceit. Matsarya represents intolerence for happiness and well-being in others.
By realizing the nature of our six enemies one can appreciate the cause of our "wrong" judgements. These inherent limitations of human mind control the overall emotional makeup of a human being. The lower the degree of limitations, the more stable and happier are our experiences.

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