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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Its worth it as long as you learn from it

The other day I was pacing outside Jay's office. He was still in a teleconference. My babysitter had showed up on time and I was confident that my kids were in good hands. But now, I was stuck waiting for Jay. It did not seem like he was going to get done anytime soon. He was in an office with glass windows and I was walking up and down the hallway looking all around. Jay had a white board on top of one of the shelves. It had a picture of a disc drive and showed the pre-ampliflier in a tiny red square, somewhere close to the center. Around it were congratulatory messages and signatures of lots of people. I read the messages, reflected on them and smiled. Way up on the top, was another message from a really famous person. "In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity" - Albert Einstein. I knew that Jay liked Einstein a lot , but the funny thing was I kninda of fell in love with that line too. The truth, the words, everything created the perfect experience and I was lost for a second, as if I plunged into the deep waters and felt at peace.
Today, I came back from work a little frustrated with myself. I had lost my temper. What was I thinking? Where was the perspective, the insight and the calmness? I was all wrapped up in fighting to get heard. I must have made a fool of myself. Back at home, Jay was with the kids watching an animated movie. I warmed up the dinner and sat down with them. They were watching "Sword in the Stone", a story about King Aurther as a little boy. And somewhere in the midst of all the fighting, fantasies and magic, I heard the wise words..."Every experience is worth it as long as you learn from it."
Thank you for being there with me and highlighting the right lesson from each little thing that happens.

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