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Friday, August 13, 2010


I was ready to retire after putting the kids to bed. My husband had just turned on the TV in the family room, adjacent to the kitchen. He needed to unwind after his long day at work. A movie was going on in the channel he was on. It might even have been half way done. He pressed the info button to find out. I was watching this from behind the kitchen counter, finishing up with the dishes. Something in the description piqued my interest. So I stopped to look. I was too tired and had no intention of staying up and watching TV though. People were talking in French but the English subtitles were helpful to follow what was going on. After watching for 5 mins, I was surprised at how different it was from any "movie" I see these days. This one had meaningful conversations between real life characters. I was immediately drawn to it. Even though I thought I would go upstairs in a few mins, I just could not drag myself away from it. Finally, I sat on the carpet in the middle of the family room and watched the movie till the end. The movie was about love, obsession, betrayal, really commonplace stuff but presented in a new "French" carefree way.
It said "love is madness" that can burn. If it is too logical and predictable then we are most probably talking about something else. Other people, who are close to us, are most often not happy with whom we choose to love. They may assume that a certain pair of individuals would make a perfect couple when in reality there is no love between them. Physical and mental attributes weigh in differently for each individual in love. Sometimes perfection may not necessarily lead to attraction. Interestingly, it is also required to hold back and give necessary time for reciprocation. It brought forth the facts through a few spontaneous and undefined relationships between young and older people. It also talked about the choices we make to believe what is true and to hold on to that belief no matter what.

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