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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Replay of emotions

There are often relationships that seem unimportant and stupid but nevertheless, the depth of emotions always find their meaning in a queer way. And sometimes it takes years to understand it. Last Saturday, I got my daughter in the car after her soccer game......
That snippet of writing would have meant nothing unless I had the replay of emotions. The thoughts came gushing back as if it happened a moment ago and I was still very much in the middle of it. Yes, my car's steering wheel was stuck and would not move. A name came to my mind and rescued me from that frustrating moment. I knew exactly what to do to get the steering wheel moving again. Oh, how I thanked the fact that I genuinely liked that name at some point in the past and treasured the meaningless memories that apparently could come to no use. But here I was getting out of a possibly gruelling and frustrating experience just because I had a loving memory of a person who had showed me how to get a stuck steering wheel, unstuck and that too right when I was not going to see him anymore, most probably never again in this life.

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