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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Changing Habits

Things just got real weird between us. The past few conversations made me feel that I was talking but there was no real exchange of thoughts or emotions. Seemed like we were miles apart. I could run to you but I knew that it would not be well received. I thought that I was being misunderstood. It gave me pain but something in me could not give up. Then my daughter pointed out the seven habit tree. I was reading through it and the fifth one stuck to me as if to say something. That was a clue. "Seek to understand first and then be understood." It was not till hours later that I was able to contemplate on this thought and started to feel my mind clearing up. After all again, it was no one else's fault and certainly not yours. You are not just my habit. You are my everything.

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Barnali said...

After reading this one, I felt you have a very serious, thoughtful and untouched personality behind your ever smiling persona, yet to be explored or sculpted.