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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


1. The truth is one . It is expressed in different metaphors.
2. When people hate, the hatred always comes back to them.
3. God is found when one looks inside. The material world deludes the mind.
Sant Kabir's Bhajan:

mann laaga mera yaar fakiri mein
jo sukh paavo naam bhajan mein, so sukh naahi ameeri mein;
bhalaa buraa sab ka sun leejey, kar gujraan garibi mein;
prem nagar mein rahni hamaari, bhalli banni aayi saboori mein;
haath mein kundi, bagal mein sotaa, chaaron disha jagiri mein;
akhir yeh tann khaak milega, kahaa firat magroori mein;
kahein Kabir suno bhai Sadho, Saheb milae saboori mein.

Tao verse: Lao Tzu- philosopher from Zhou dynasty

Health is the greatest possession.
Contentment is the greatest treasure. 
Confidence is the greatest friend. 
Non-being is the greatest joy.

Health is needed to enjoy life to the fullest.
Without health we are less capable mentally and physically.

No treasure is precious unless we are contented by it.
If we are contented, the price tag really does not matter.

Confidence is what draws people to you.
The lack of the same will alienate you from
people first in your mind and then in reality.

Non-being here means being selfless.
Your existence is not be for fulfilling
your worldly agenda as you understand
You will enjoy what happens to you
This is quite opposite to hopelessness.
This is coming from the firm belief that
only good is happening to you
(whether you understand it or not).
The other way of looking at it is you are serving the
purpose of God.

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